Focus Areas

Anchored on the real estate investment opportunity in India and within the Tata companies, TRIF Investment Management Limited (TIML) will give impetus to the following areas for Tata Realty Initiatives Fund Ė 1, TRIF-1 (Real Estate Fund(s)):

Property assets sourced from Tata companies:
Access and invest in companies developing property assets sourced from the existing, future or accessible stock of developable land of Tata companies, particularly Tata companies for which real estate is a non-core activity. TIML anticipates that it will have access to off-market opportunities with various Tata companies.

Developments for Tata company tenants:
Invest in opportunities for which the key driver behind the development is the space usage requirement or demand from one or more Tata Companies. TIML anticipates that it will have access to off-market opportunities to invest in property assets for Tata company tenants.

Other attractive market opportunities:
With capital commitments in place and a professional management team, TRIF-1 will be in a favourable position to secure attractive investment opportunities from third parties (i.e. other than Tata companies). TIML believes that the rapidly growing Indian real estate market offers numerous potential investment opportunities which meet the Fundís investment objectives and Investment Guidelines.

TRIF-1 will predominately focus on large-scale, FDI compliant developments which may include single and mixed-use developments comprising a combination, or all, of commercial, residential, retail, industrial and/or other ancillary sectors as part of mixed-use developments (e.g. hotel, entertainment and leisure) located in Primary Real Estate Markets and Secondary Real Estate Markets in India. The Fundís portfolio comprises a combination of assets developed for direct sale (typically residential property assets) and assets to be retained for leasing purposes and to maximize exit options and pricing until the Fund end date (typically commercial, retail, industrial and hotel property assets).