• The Mauritian economy has experienced a growth rate of 5% to 6% since the 1990ís. From a mono crop economy based on the production of sugar, the economy has diversified at a rapid pace into manufacturing and services during the past two decades with the creation of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ), tourism, financial services, Information Communication and Technology, sea food hub and other services sector.

  • The success of the economy is a result of a strong commitment to democratic principles together with political stability, good governance, sound policies, and consistency in the management of the economy. Today, Mauritius is considered to be an upper-middle-income economy and it is poised to become the business hub of the Indian Ocean and a major gateway to Eastern and Southern Africa. A broad-based economy by African standards, Mauritius continues to enjoy reasonable growth.

  • In spite of many adversities, Mauritius has demonstrated so far its resilience to keep its economy diversified with a GDP which grew at 4.2% in 2010 according to the Central Statistical Office. Further, the International Monetary Fund have estimated the growth to exceed 4% in 2011

  • In order to maintain the pace of growth and the economic success of Mauritius, the Government has focused on policies that provide a sound and stable economic environment, further integration of the economy with the global economy and modernisation and expansion of the existing infrastructure.

  • As a result of the economic development which has had a positive impact on many aspects on the country, life expectancy has increased and infant mortality has decreased.

  • Mauritius has attracted significant foreign direct investment during the last few years and is considered as one of sub-Sahara Africa's highest per capita income economy. With a stable democracy, regular free elections and a positive human rights record, Mauritius enjoys a thriving democracy and stability in Africa.

  • Currency

    The currency used in Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee (Rs).