TRIF Investment Management Ltd

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TRIF Investment Management Ltd (TIML), a 100% subsidiary of Tata International AG, which in turn is a 100% subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited ("Tata Sons"), is the Investment Manager and Sponsor of Tata Realty Initiatives Fund 1 (“TRIF-1”), a closed-end investment company operating in Mauritius. TRIF Investment Management Ltd (TIML), the Investment Manager, was incorporated on 03 August 2007 in accordance with the Companies Act 2001 and is licensed, as a Global Business Company Category 1, by the Financial Services Commission.

TRIF Investment Management Ltd (TIML) seeks to establish a ‘best-in-class’ real estate and Infrastructure funds for investments in India by adopting international best practices and aims to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. TIML believes that there are significant real estate investment opportunities within Tata companies. As one of the India’s largest business conglomerates, Tata companies have access to a large stock of developable land across India, a large portion of which has been held by various Tata companies for an extended period of time with clearly documented ownership history. Further, Tata companies have major operational resource requirements and, accordingly, are major end users of real estate in India.

At TIML our approach is to apply our specialist asset management skills in satisfying the needs of our investors whilst enhancing our investment organization to focus on anticipating the needs of investors. Our collective focus is to identify and capitalise on investments that deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. We take advantage of every single opportunity that we have identified and come our way by applying a wide spectrum of investment tools and techniques by taking calculated and compensated risks.

We are driven by a competitive spirit that recognises the professional rigour and the passion required to excel in today’s dynamic environment.

Our success is motivated by discipline, fueled by innovation, and inspired by the financial challenges in this changing world.